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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2025|06:30 pm]
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2006|05:17 pm]
I found these on my doorstep today along with a note. It was from Kevin.

"Jimmy, I'm sorry for what I did. It hurts me to keep fighting with you, and all I ask for is your forgiveness."

I called him up, and we talked for a long time. I won't say what we said, but we made up. The landlord at the place we were going to move into won't let us stay for obvious reasons. His landlord however let him renew the lease, and he asked me if I wanted to move in with him there. It's a small place, but we'll make it work. ^_^
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2006|08:12 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

Now I'm getting made fun of :( :

What the hell are people's problems? First I have a shitty relationship, now I have to deal with hordes of trolls who are going to come after me. This sucks, and I dont know if my lease will get renewed either. Anyone in Chicago have a place they can sublet for a month so I can get my life back together?
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|12:15 pm]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]
[Current Music |Yellow - Coldplay]

Okay, I know I don't make public posts, but here goes:
I'm so PISSED at Kevin/ fresyes.
We've been dating for OVER A YEAR NOW!! WERE MOVING IN NEXT WEEK!!
And Saturday nite at this party our friend Matt threw for us, HE WAS MAKING OUT WITH MATT!
I couldn't believe it! I was talking with a friend, and all of a sudden, I look over, and there's Kevin, making out with him! MATT HAD HIS HANDS DOWN HIS PANTS!!
And from the looks of things, Kevin was liking it too! He had the smile he always gets whenever I'm touching him the right way...
I just can't believe him right now. He says it meant nothing, but I know it does. He probably only likes Matt anyway because he has money. I went through his bills last nite, and found out that Kevin has $20,000 in credit card debt!! FROM EXPRESS!!! What a fag! No wonder hes always moooching off of me!
Plus, he was gaining weight too. THe night I met Kevin in the club, he was so skinny, but now hes gained about 30+lbs! Talk about FATTY!
What added insult to injury was when I was online last nite, and Kevin still was signed in on AIM. This guy kept IMing me, asking me when he was going to come over again for sex!
I'm still so upset. He told me that he was going to save himself for me after we moved in together! He kept telling me what a good Christian he was, and how he always thought the whole gay scene was so slutty, and how he just wasnt like that.
But now I'm going to make sure that EVERYONE knows what a fuckin DOUCHE Kevin is. I'm sooo pissed off right now. I think I might post this to some of the LJ communities just to warn them about how TERRIBLE he is!!
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